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Flexible. Robust. Connected. If this accurately describes the Lucity system alone, you can imagine how GIS amplifies the power of the software. With Lucity GIS, the combination of asset data and intuitive maps is a shortcut to clarity. While an effective infrastructure management system can function independently of GIS, your benefits multiply with GIS integration. GIS allows you to communicate information in an incredibly instinctive way, making complicated information more accessible to yourstakeholders. Our flexible architecture allows Lucity GIS to interface with Esri, the GIS market leader, with who we share a longstanding partnership.

GIS Desktop

It takes time--and a lot of it--for your team to make graphical changes to your assets' attributes. GIS Desktop eliminates the busywork inherent in keeping data up-to-date among your agency's departments.

With GIS Desktop, you can:

  • Display and query data in ArcGIS and create new records from the map.
  • Link spatial features to inventory records and easily perform advanced functions like map editing and data importing.


It's not just desktop users that can benefit from the benefits of an interactive map. Lucity's GIS Web brings the power of GIS to your entire organization, including the field. It's a powerful yet lightweight enterprise-wide method for visualizing your asset data.

With GIS Web, you can:

  • Give users like field crews and call center staffers the benefit of GIS with an internet connection.
  • Allow your front-line personnel to view inventory and inspection information, create work orders and add assets to a work order.

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