To know us is to love us. We’re kidding (mostly) but it’s no joke that we intensely value our relationships. Exceptional public works software is the baseline, but how that commodity is delivered is just as important. We work hard to be people our clients enjoy working with. We are friendly, engaged and—yep, we’ll say it—fun.

Lucity Annual Conference & Training (ACT)

This is especially true at our Lucity Annual Conference & Training (ACT) which has become a legendary event for education, networking and relationship-building. Forget walking anonymously through an exhibit hall filled with thousands of people. ACT is a collaborative, supportive environment, a place where everybody — Lucity team members and your peers — knows your name and cares about your issues. The 2016 Lucity Annual Conference & Training will take place September 11th through 14th.

We are also pretty proud of our Regional User Groups (RUGs). We've established nine groups across the country and meet annually with these members. Check out this slick map to see which group you're a part of. Click on the clusters of people for meeting location information and dates. We'll keep updating the map as additional meetings are scheduled. You can also visit the Lucity blog and sort by the RUG Meeting category for a full list and registration forms.

Looking to connect with us at a conference or tradeshow? Interested in hosting a regional user group meeting? Want to experience ACT for yourself? Just let us know.

Be sure you follow @LucityInc on Twitter to see what we're up to - you can search #LucityLinkup to see what our plans are. We'd love to see you!